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Bad Butch file.

“'Here, let me give you a hand!... Not!!!'”

-Butch gonna try to kill Jenny.

Butch is an protago-antoganist from Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi. He is the male Counterpart/Alternate of Buttercup.


Butch had only made one appearance yet. He was battling along with Brick and Boomer against Jenny. It was supossed to be a simulation but turned into a slaughter when Butch cut of the arm of Jenny. After that Nora Wakeman came to help Jenny and complained to Dr. Brisbaine about it. Dr. Brisbaine said that the boys just are too strong. Dr. Brisbaine told to Boomer that he was in the "clouds" again, and said to Weasel to give the report the next morning on his desk. Brick said to Boomer that he had to keep his head with the mission and don't think to much about those girls.


Butch has a much different appearance than in the series. He wears totally black clothes, he only has two green stripes on his sleeves. He has short black hair and green eyes.

Fighting StyleEdit

Butch is the major heavy hitter of the Rowdyruff boys and always goes in fists flying. He's "Fight first ask Questions Never".


He is an antaganist from the Cartoon Network serie The Powepuff Girls. He is along with his brother doing the opposite of what the girls do. They do graffity, terrorise people on the streets, make mess and that kind of things.

othe fan-media Butch like Buttercup

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